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Group 0-3 Car Seats and Boosters

Radian 5 Combination Car Seat

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  • Group: 0, 0+, 1, 2
  • Universal: Birth - 18kg
  • Semi-Universal: 15 - 25kg

This one of a kind seat is designed to grow with your child. Whether a growth spurt has you looking to graduate from a Group 1 to a Group 2 seat or you’re looking for the safest way to bring baby home from hospital, consider Radian 5.

Rear-facing from birth to 25kg and forward-facing with a 5-point harness from 9kg to 25kg, means Radian 5 gives you the flexibility to move from milestone to milestone without switching car seats.

mXT Adjustable Booster

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  • Group: 2/3
  • Age: 4 - 12 years
  • Weight: 15 - 36kg

Color block styling, contoured seat bottom design and retractable cup holders give the mXT a sleek, modern feel. But don’t let all that style and premium fabric fool you – the mXT is engineered to provide superior side impact protection, proper seat belt position and cushioning in the event of an accident.

This expandable high back booster seat fits growing children. Dial up the perfect fit with our simple to use adjustable shoulder width and 11-position headrest.

Monterey2 High Back Booster

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  • Group: 2/3
  • Age: 4 - 12 years
  • Weight: 15 - 36kg

The multi-award winning Monterey2 is overprotective in all the right ways. Reinforced extra deep side walls provide enhanced side impact protection and a longer seat bottom offers proper leg support disguised as cushioned comfort.

Integrated ISOFAST connectors and front adjusters allow for a safe and secure installation in seconds (ISOFAST use is optional).


Parents Love Diono

The seat has a narrow design as it does not require thick, plastic sidewalls. So it takes up less space in the back meaning that together with Honey Nut's infant carrier, we can still have a small third person (ie my sister!) sitting in the middle seat.

Sabrina @ The Mummy Stylist (Radian 5)

It's very comfortable, long lasting, easy to install and is also perfect for the longer than the average child. It's wide yes - takes up a bit more space on the seat that smaller seats - but to be fair - it's a booster that is def. going to take you through to 12 years old no issues. Its cushion is very comfortable - all 3 of my kids have tried the one we currently have and all 3 were very happy with it. They sleep well in it on long journeys.

ERFmama Customer Review (Monterey2)

Wherever Life Takes You

Whether you’re just starting out or ready to graduate from a 5 point harness to belt positioning booster, Diono is here to help you find the #joyofthejourney.

Our seats are lovingly engineered for superior safety and comfort.

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