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Extended rear facing car seat

How to Install Radian 5 Rear Facing

The Radian 5 is designed for extended rear facing use from birth, plus extended usage with older children up to 25kg for added safety.

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Longer harness use while forward facing

How to Install Radian 5 Forward Facing

This easy to follow step by step guide will take you through installing the Radian 5 car seat forward facing with a seat belt allowing for 5 point harness usage up to 25kg.

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Benefits of Extended Rear Facing

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Rear Facing Accessories

Extended rear facing car seat

Create More Space

For older rear-facing children with complete head support, the angle adjuster can be used to give a more upright position to the car seat and allow more space in the front seat for the driver or passenger.

Car seats with higher weight capacity

Simple, flexible install options

The bolster must be used if you plan to install the car seat rear-facing in the front of your vehicle, or it can be used in the back seat to provide bracing between the car seat and back of the front seat.

Forward Facing Accessories

Install Your Radian 5 Cup Holder

For quick and easy access to drinks, snacks, toys and crayons. Use up to 4 cup holders with the Radian 5 car seat.

forward facing harness car seat up to 25kg

For Extended 5-Point Harness Usage

Switch to the Supergrip harness pads once your child is 15kg and continue using the Radian 5 harness forward facing to 25kg

What makes Radian 5 special?

Key safety innovations

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Hidden Hazards of Heavy Coats

Car Seat Harness Fit

Did you know puffy coats and bulky winter jackets can interfere with the harness fit of your child’s car seat?

A harness needs to fit close to the child’s body when adjusted to a snug and comfortable fit.

Placing a child in a thick, puffy winter coat before harnessing can give a you a false sense that the harness is actually snug enough on your child. It also makes it difficult to make it tight enough as the fabric bunches and gets in the way as you ratchet the harness in.

To test harness fit, gently try to pinch the webbing at the collar bone with your thumb and index finger – as if you are massaging their shoulder. If you can pinch too much webbing, tighten the harness some more and check again.

Improper harness fit may cause the straps to come off the shoulder during a crash and partially or totally eject your child from the seat. So, skip the bulky coat and dress in thin layers. Have your child wear their coat back to front once properly harnessed or use a blanket on particularly cold days.


It allows parents to make the choice to keep their children rear facing for longer.

Michelle @ MommyTalks

It's the best car seat we've ever had. Brilliant!

Luke @ Blended Parent Network

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