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quantum carry cot & stand

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Portable Overnight & Day Cot

Peanut butter & jelly, milk & cookies, or mac ’n cheese… Whatever the combination, wonderful things come in pairs. When quantum was introduced, avoiding bassinet storage issues and quickly switching from carriage to toddler seat mode was a no-brainer for the busy, often cluttered life of parents.

But, sometimes you really want solid carrycot. Overnights with the grandparents, portable sleeping spaces for naps and evenings away. This newest quantum addition offers even greater flexibility at home and on-the-go.

Suitable from birth to 9kg


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Multi-mode Travel Stroller

When creating the quantum2, the diono team was inspired to create a premium travel experience. This starts with the lovingly engineered comfort – found in our unique three stage nested seat, an enveloping canopy system and our original ‚One Step‘ brake.

The quantum2 is packed with more great ideas with luxury built in, at every stage.

Suitable from birth to 22kg


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Super Compact Buggy

We know what it means to be a family on the move, through busy airports, big train stations, on a mini break or long haul; we all love to explore. So, in an ever-smaller world, we’ve created some big ideas to help you and your little one arrive happy.

Traverze has been created to make traveling easier: whether by pulling along in an airport with a toddler in tow or folding down in an instant for speedy boarding.

Suitable from birth to 15kg

Carus 4-in-1 Carry System

Active Together

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quantum2 accessories

snack tray

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changing bag

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buggy board

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The Quantum is a beautifully sleek, sophisticated pram. It feels robust and strong and doesn't flinch under weight (already tried and tested by my four year old- thanks Noah!).

Bunty @ Bunty Living

The Diono Quantum is perfect for busy mums on the go and has clearly been designed to fit in perfectly with everyday life, to help keep things running smoothly.

Becky @
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