Extended Use 5-Point Harness

Forward Facing Car Seat 9kg - 25kg

How to Install Supergrip Harness Pads

Extended Use 5-Point Harness

Supergrip harness pads are included with all Radian 5 purchases and are designed for use once your child reaches 15kg and is seated forward facing. These clever pads keep your child back in the seat during a collision to minimize the forces on the neck.

Steps to Install

  1. Once your forward facing child weighs 15kg, it’s time to add the supergrip harness pads to your Radian 5 car seat
  2. Undo the harness straps from the yoke and pull the shoulder harness through
  3. Remove the regular harness pads and re-thread the shoulder harness back through the appropriate slot
  4. Re-attach harness straps to the yoke
  5. Feed the metal end of the supergrip harness through the same slot as the strap
  6. Ensure the sticky side is facing down
  7. Feed the metal end through the next slot down on the back of the seat
  8. Wrap the harness pad around the harness strap and secure
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