General Product Warranty

Warranty Information

The manufacturer, Diono LLC (“Diono”), warrant Diono products only to the original retail purchaser as follows:

Warranty is valid for one year from date of purchase and applies to Diono products purchased from an authorised retailer. This one year warranty is automatic and no registration is required. To request repairs under the standard warranty for manufacturing defects, consumers must present their proof of purchase at the retail location where the product was purchased, within 12 months.

Warranty Limitations

The warranty does not cover any damage caused by environmental conditions – including mold, mildew or rust. Warranty does not include damage arising directly or indirectly from unauthorised repairs of the Product, negligence, misuse, abuse or any unapproved use which is not in accordance with the instructions contained in the Product instruction manual or ECE Regulation 44.04 safety guidelines for use of such products.

The warranty does not cover any damage or wear and tear resulting from normal use. Warranty specifically does not cover any damage for any reason to any fabric components (including fabric cover, pillows and pads), webbing components (including harness, or tether straps), EPS foam or other foam parts.

Using any non-Diono product, or any product not specifically approved by Diono in conjunction with the original Diono product is not allowed and invalidates the warranty. Use of such products could seriously impair this Product’s ability to perform properly and could cause it to fail relevant Safety Standards. Any such use will result in the voiding of the Warranty provided hereunder. Validity of Warranty claim requires that the product be complete with all component parts included and in proper, usable condition other than for the issue or damage in respect of which a claim is being made.

The express Warranty provided hereunder is in addition to any implied warranties, and shall be limited to the duration and terms of this express written Warranty unless otherwise restricted by law. This warranty grants you specific legal rights. Neither Diono, nor any retailer selling Diono products, authorises any other person or party to create for the products any other warranty, obligation, or liability in connection with Diono Products.

Limitation of damages

The Warranty and remedies set forth above are in addition to the Statutory Warranties implied at law, whether oral or written expressed or implied. In no event whatsoever, will Diono or a retailer of Diono products be liable for any consequential losses arising out of the use of Diono Products.

In no event will Diono be obliged to pay damages to original retail purchaser or retailer for any amount exceeding the price that purchaser paid for the product. Diono is not liable for any claim made by a third party or made by purchaser for a third party.


This Warranty shall be governed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales and the courts of England and Wales shall be the exclusive jurisdiction in relation to all disputes relating to this Warranty.

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