mXT Booster Car Seat Reviews

By far the best Booster seat we have tried! At first I was a little worried how I would fit this in the back of my car (I have 3 children in car seats) But despite looking bigger than some other car seats it really didn’t take up much room, and we were able to fit all 3 seats in perfectly even when we expanded this seat – We have a ford mondeo for those wanting an idea of size and another booster seat and a large stage 1 seat.

Laura @ Now Baby

I bought Diono mXT Car Seat for my 6 year old son and he absolutely loves it. We'd had his previous car seat since he was 9months and needed to replace it as it wasn't really wide enough for an older child. My 8 year old has a Diono Monterey 2 so the mXT was the obvious choice for us. It has a large base which is more suited to an older child but he is still able to plug himself in. He loves the vibrant colours and especially the cup holders!

Lindsey, parent review

Grows with you

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Our little man LOVED the seat. He clearly felt very grown up sat in this but he loved how padded it was and said it was “cosy”, he thought it would be good for sleeping in the car as his head wouldn’t flop about.

Charlotte @ Mummy Fever

The minute Alice got in it she commented about how she liked that it was like the seat was hugging her. Her head is nice and snug in the head rest and the sides come round her. It has good solid arm rests and the seat belt goes either side of it, making it a more comfortable fit for Alice.

Laura @ Dear Bear and Beany
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