Forward Facing Installation

Longer 5 point harness usage

How to install your Radian 5 forward facing

The Diono Radian 5 multi-stage car seat allows for longer 5 point harness use when forward facing. Radian 5 can be used forward facing from 9kg – 25kg. Keeping children in a 5 point harness beyond standard milestones and capacity limits helps ensure maximum containment and comfort while providing complete head to hip protection.

Seat Belt Forward Facing Installation

Forward facing car seat

Before you head out to the car

  1. Adjust the 5 point harness to the right height for your child
  2. Undo the straps from the yoke and pull the shoulder harness through
  3. Re-slot the straps in the appropriate hole for proper fit, then reconnect the straps to the yoke
  4. Radian 5 has five shoulder harness and two crotch strap positions for flexibility
  5. Set the head rest to the right height. The expandable sides and extendable headrest of the Radian 5 are designed to grow with your child

At your vehicle

  1. Place Radian 5 firmly in the seat of your car. A Diono car seat mat will protect leather and upholstery
  2. Hang the tether strap over the back of the seat to attach later
  3. Feed the seat belt through the tunnel and secure the buckle
  4. Push down on the car seat and pull the seat belt tight
  5. Feed excess belt into the retractor and attach the lock-off clip on the door side to both parts of the belt
  6. Hold the car seat at the base with one hand and test for movement. The seat should move less than an inch side to side
  7. Feed the shoulder belt through the top belt guide nearest the door
  8. Find the tether anchorage point in the boot. Refer to your vehicle manual for additional details.
  9. Clip the tether onto the anchorage point and pull the tether tight until the indicator turns green
  10. Check again for movement. Hold the car seat at the base and attempt to shift its position. The seat should move less than an inch side to side

Congratulations! You’ve completed your forward facing installation. Travel with safety and smiles.

A combination like no other

Radian 5 multi-stage car seat

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Forward Facing Harness Usage 15kg - 25kg

Supergrip Harness Pads

Supergrip harness pads are included with all Radian 5 purchases and designed for use once your child reaches 15kg. These clever pads keep the child back in the seat during a collision to minimize the forces on the neck.

To install the supergrip harness pads

  1. Once your child weighs 15kg, it’s time to add the supergrip harness pads to your Radian 5 combination car seat
  2. Undo the harness straps from the yoke and pull the shoulder harness through
  3. Remove the regular harness pads and re-thread the shoulder harness back through the appropriate slot
  4. Re-attach harness straps to the yoke
  5. Feed the metal end of the supergrip harness through the same slot as the strap
  6. Ensure the sticky side is facing down
  7. Feed the metal end through the next slot down on the back of the seat
  8. Wrap the harness pad around the harness strap and secure
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