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Radian 5 Car Seat Safety Features

A well designed multi-stage car seat is inherently more complicated than a seat meant to cover a single age group. Each family must weigh the benefits of buying just one seat with versatile functionality vs. the risks of poor installation when changes have to be made to the seat as the child grows.

When properly used, Radian 5 provides a high level of safety for rear facing and forward facing children up to 25kg.

The Radian 5 combination car seat adapts to meet the needs of a child passenger from birth all the way up to 7 years of age. Rigorously tested rear facing, forward facing and side impact, the Radian 5’s unique combination of features ensures it responds safely in the eventof an accident.

Full Steel Frame

When we designed the Radian 5, we wanted to create a car seat that would withstand the rigors of everyday travel and provide the most protection in the event of a crash. At the heart of every Diono combination car seat is our full steel frame, which provides the strength needed to withstand real world crash forces.

Deep sidewalls are reinforced with aluminum, as are the adjustable head wings. Instead of blow-molded plastic, we use a thick engineered plastic to round out the seat’s construction. Energy absorbing EPP foam surrounds your child and provides another layer of protection.

Combination car seat

Safe Stop

Safe Stop is a patented shock absorber which reduces the forces transferred to the child during a crash. This increases protection for the neck during forward facing collisions.

Supergrip Harness Pads

Supergrip harness pads keep children in their Radian 5 car seat. Designed for use from 15kg to 25kg, the harness pads reduce the effects of crash forces on the child’s neck. Learn how to install the supergrip harness pads here.

Safety that Transcends

All of these extra safety features come together to make a seat that is heavier than most, but we promise it’s worth the weight. Everything is designed to disseminate crash forces away from the child’s body, allowing them to safely ride down the crash. The rigidity of the full steel frame enables the car seat to stay intact during a crash.

At Diono we know that many car crashes surpass crash tests in terms of force, so we designed our car seats to meet real world situations by adding extra engineering into our car seats. The full steel frame, extra thick engineered plastic, aluminum reinforced sidewalls and the energy absorbing EPP foam are all features we build in to provide your child with the ultimate in car seat safety.

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