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What matters most to parents when it comes to car seat safety?

In our recent survey carried out independently by One Poll, 2000 parents with children aged from 4-8 answered questions about car seat regulations and safety. The statistics generated demonstrate that although parents want their children to be safe, they are unaware of what to look for in a car seat and often don’t understand the legal requirements.

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The new survey revealed that when it comes to Car Seats, parents of 4-8 year olds think safety is the most important feature in a car seat but they don’t always know what makes one car seat better than another. Parents also don’t know the legal requirements with over 71% of them unaware that a child has to remain in an appropriate car seat until they are 12 years old or 135cm tall.

The Diono survey revealed that 56% of parents said that side impact protection was the most important aspect of a car seat but very few understand what elements provide enhanced side impact protection . For example only 13% of parents value the presence of energy absorbing foam which is crucial to protect a child during side impact collisions.

Unsurprisingly overall comfort and ease of use / fitting are also top features which parents look for. Half of the parents questioned said their children had to be comfortable on journeys. Allana Pinkerton Child Passenger Safety Advocate for Diono commented “Comfort and ease of use are important areas for parents because they are things which they benefit from every day. Many parents don’t imagine they will have an accident so safety features are not utilised in the same way. Unfortunately road deaths still account for the highest proportion of child deaths in the UK so we are very keen to raise awareness of car seat safety features and the legal requirements”

When it came to what parents didn’t like about their current car seat the majority said they found it difficult to adjust. This is supported by data from car seat check clinics which show up to 85%* of seats are incorrectly fitted/adjusted. Being difficult to clean was also something that was disliked and this figure jumped for the over 50’s who said they found the fact that the car seat was difficult to clean the most annoying aspect of a car seat. Younger parents appear to be more knowledgeable about key safety features as they focused on ISOFIX and EPS foam in all questions.

What do kids say on car journeys?

We recently polled UK parents to see what kids say most frequently during car trips and daily errands.

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